About Us

Beauty & Balance is a dedicated space in Cronulla for integrated skin health and holistic wellbeing. We are a community of specialist practitioners who share a love of the therapeutic, and we take great joy in enabling wellbeing. Our studio environment is thoughtfully designed and maintained to support relaxation, healing and gentle moments of sensory delight. With generous amenities, spa facilities and signature treatments, our space exists to facilitate care and connection. It’s a place to unwind and uplift, to cherish and heal. All are welcome.

Eliska - Beauty & Balance Founder & Skin Coach

Eliska is the heart and soul of Beauty & Balance. She is a great connector of people and leads her team of specialist practitioners with warmth and compassion. 

She has spent 15 years in skin health, working closely with leading skincare brands and practitioners. As a Skin Coach, Eliska believes that continuity of care is vital to holistic health. She takes great inspiration from her clients and sees each consultation as an exchange of knowledge. Her continued passion for integrative skin health is fueled by life-long learning and the joy of getting results. 

Above all, Eliska loves being at the helm of an inclusive and welcoming studio that supports relaxation, healing and community.

Yuriko - Massage Therapist & Facialist

Emma - Studio & Customer Experience Manager

We feel so lucky to have Emma as our Studio and Customer Experience Manager, she creates and maintains such a beautiful, healthy environment for clients and our team.

Emma comes from a floristry and horticulture background and brings her knack for styling and creating beautiful, plant-filled spaces. She is the first to arrive at the studio in the mornings and she begins by cleansing and preparing the space for the day ahead. She sets every corner with small, sensorial details that nurture and delight, such as scenting the towels with peppermint oil, selecting seasonal herbal teas and infusing each room according to treatment. 

Pes - Remedial Massage Therapist

Pes’ interest in holistic health began whilst in recovery from spinal surgery when he was in College. Pes was inspired to work in remedial massage after seeing how it could be used to improve quality of life, alleviate chronic pain and as a tool for healing both physical and mental discomfort.

He approaches each appointment with fresh energy and enjoys creating a calm and soothing environment to support every treatment. 

Pes is grateful for his personal meditation practice, which he says allows him to regulate his own mood and to be more compassionate, empathetic and sensitive to the needs of each of his clients. 

Kim - Skin Therapist

Kim is a highly experienced Skin Coach who has been working in skin therapy for over 40 years.

Her work is driven by a desire to see powerful results for each of her clients. She approaches each client with compassion, tuning into their needs in order to achieve long lasting results. To complement her work as a skin therapist, Kim also practices healing work including breathwork and meditation.

She sees a core part of what she does to be helping people to better understand their emotions. She believes that the more she knows herself, the more she is able to help others.

Niki - Medical Tattoo Artist

Niki is a highly skilled medical and cosmetic tattoo artist, working with clients on 3D Nipple, Areola and cosmetic tattoos. She is passionate about using her artistic abilities to restore confidence and body positivity in individuals who have been through traumatic or difficult experiences. 

Beyond her work on the physical body, Niki uses her creativity to promote holistic healing. Each client is supported and nurtured through her gentle, heartfelt approach.

He approaches each appointment with fresh energy and enjoys creating a calm and soothing environment to support every treatment. 

Anandi - Energy Worker & Retreat Facilitator

Anandi is a multidisciplinary healer who creates and holds a safe, supportive space for her clients. She offers therapies including sound healing, facial reflexology, hypnotherapy, crystal therapy and holistic counselling. 

Anandi sees her work as an extension of herself and her practice is informed by the harmony within her own life. She finds sanctuary in nature; swimming in the ocean and taking bush walks with her family from her home in Bundeena through the Royal National Park.

Jaimee-Lee - Holistic Counsellor & Healer

Jamie uses a range of healing modalities to assist in bringing her clients back into equilibrium and back to themselves.

Jamie is a qualified Holistic Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Youth worker and Energy Healer. Combining and weaving her skills together along with her own intuition, deep connection to spirit, the angelic realms and most importantly her heart, Jamie will move through whatever you are experiencing with you step by step from a place of flow, grace and love to support you on your journey.


"It is not often that you can enter a space and feel instantly relaxed, calm & eminently held. Beauty & Balance is so much more than Skin. It is a portal, a transcendence into the knowing that you are so much more than this Body. Every time I visit, I leave not only with my skin needs incredibly met, but with my heart, mind and spirit at complete and utter ease. A feeling of home within myself. I make no joke when I say that the divine humans who work their magic through the gift of their hands and hearts at B&B are literal angels. Their focus to detail is the very gift this planet needs. It is an honour to visit this heaven on earth, each and every time."

- Cat Santos