When we listen stories from our client’s who are returning Bali or Fiji, one of the highlights of their trips are spa treatments being so affordable . I wish we all could live in Bali and indulge in Spa Treatments every second day.


Going to Byron is a very special opportunity for our team. We can’t wait to set up a massage table in the middle of rainforest , in a tent or by the lake. Listening birds, wind and the sounds of water from the best PLAY LIST ever - THE NATURE.

BODY. Deeply Relaxing massage with Kiki 

45 min / $100

DELUX Facial and Body Treatment / designed with your therapist 

90 min / $165

BODY. Withania Body Polish with Massage

60 min / $135

FACIAL. Royal Pearl

60 min / $150

 FACIAL. & HAIR. infusion with sculp massage                           

60min $150