skin coach consultation

Here at Beauty and Balance, we love to guide each and every one of our clients on their skin journeys to achieve ultimate skin results. We want to help you and define what it is that your skin needs

you might be thinking, “what is a skin coach ?”

  •  We love to provide you with ongoing support for all your skin needs

  • Helping you to set some Skin Goals and guide you through a Facial Program

  • Educating you on building awareness of your skin changes and helping you to understand the importance of Skin Conditioning

  • Understanding the importance of making a COMMITMENT to your skins journey

  • Reconnecting with you post-treatments to see how your skin has responded and inform you on the Do’s and Don’t ‘s in home care.

  • Advising you on the most suitable Skincare Ingredients to allow for some Skin Conditioning to take place, this will help to re-build your skins microbiome for optimally healthy skin.

  • And... of course to Encourage ‘Me Time’ This is so important for our mind, body and soul! Not only is all the tailored information vital to you, but the ‘Power of Touch’ is very Significant! Through facial cleansing, massage and demonstrations of product applications is one of the most communicative responses to human kind. We create a Connection with you for you to feel safe, grow confidence and feel comforted right throughout your skin journey!

allow us to take you on your skin journey:

Step 1.

Please fill out your online Skin Consultation form prior to your appointment

Step 2.

Engage in an-depth conversation with your Skin Coach to clarify your Skin Goals

Step 3.

With your consent, we would love to take before and after Photographs that will allow you to look back on your results time after time. OBSERVE TECHNOLOGY

Step 4.

Allow us to create and tailor your Facial Program plan with the most suitable treatments that will elevate your skin results. We will introduce you to all of our treatment modalities that will boost your experience in the facial room. We understand that life can interrupt routines and plans, so we like cater to suit your lifestyle and affordability.

Step 5.

Help you to choose the best Skincare Products that will compliment your treatments and help prepare your skin for more advanced facial conditioning. At each appointment, you will receive a daily dose of beneficial information about where your skin is at and what you can look forward to.

this is the essence of skin coaching 

introducing you to our skin coach programs:

If Commitment is something you thrive on, then our Skin Coach Programs are for you!  If you are willing and wanting to make some REAL skin changes but need a little more encouragement, you can count on us.


We will take the pressure off you in deciding which treatments are most suited to your skin and select the program that caters to all your skin needs. We have Silver, Gold & Platinum Don’t worry, these programs aren’t at competitive levels with each other, as each skin is different, and no two skins will be having the exact same sequence of treatments. This is why our Skin Coach Consultations are tailored and prescribed specific to you.

another question you might have is; “what are skin conditioning facials?”

We have created in our treatment menu a section for single treatments catering to the most common skin conditions and for people wanting to achieve: an Anti-aged skin, a Comforting & Calm skin, a Radiant skin, a Crystal Clear skin, a Light & Bright skin, a Hydrated & Healthy skin. If you are new to facials and looking after your Skin Health, we suggest you book in for our 30 minute Skin Conditioning - In Good Hands treatment: this time frame allows us to customise some quick skin revision and either a simple but effective skin booster or a powerful results-driven wow factor. This is also for the time-poor client that wants an in-and-out WOW! This treatment ranges in price from $179 - $210

These facial treatments are a collection of professional skin health exercises, combining Environ Cool Peel technology + Electro-Sonic DF technology, Lira Clinical Peels that preserve the integrity of the skin, whilst delivering a burst of powerful antioxidants into the skin. Along with Roccoco Botanicals that provide the skin with natural and herbal compliments, PRIN Lymphatic mask to detoxify and restore and Celluma LED skin rejuvenation. This collection is for those skins which are not quite ready for a more advanced approach. However, we can ultimately advise you on which one is best and on using optimising product ingredients that will help to boost the skins immune response and strengthen collagen and elasticity to bounce back from any peel treatment.

These Conditioning Facials will help the most common skin conditions to achieve brilliant results without compromising the skins barrier. We take great pride in asking all appropriate consultative questions to determine whether any of these facials are suitable for you based on your overall health and immunity.