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B in your BEST Skin EVER!

ayurvedic cooling facial ritual

Fresh Yogurt & Herbs 
Cool Rose Compress, Saffron oil face massage - say no more - just step in to the treatment room with Elle who will compliment the goodness of Ayurvedic skin care with traditional facial and body massage techniques.


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boost your hydration

The extreme changes in temperature (leaving an air-conditioned room and going outside, for instance), swimming in the sea or the pool, and the sun itself all reduce the moisture in our skin, making it dehydrated.

1 hour facial will be fine-tuned to your needs 
including CLEANSE, MICRO-PEEL INFUSION, ALGINATE MASK and may include LED light therapy 


~ Regulates moisture levels in the skin to prevent a dry and dehydrated skin 
~ Gives a brighter and radiant appearance 
~ Incorporates high nutrients and vitamins to make the skin healthy 
~ Removes dead skin cells from the skin without stripping out essential oil and moisture 
~ helps to even skin by smoothing away any bumps, dry patches and redness 
~ helps to eliminates itchiness or irritations 
~ aids better absorption of skincare products for your home care


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cryo facial challenge

If you never experienced DMK CRYO facial treatment, 
SUMMER is the best time to take on this challange.

8 minute intensity is totally worth the glow 


Next generation exfoliation without destroying the natural microbiome. 
Dead cells freeze, fracture, and fall away when exposed to polylactic and glycolic acid in cold temperature.

This process removes the top layer of dead skin cells while protecting the healthy living cells beneath.

~ dermatitis 
~ acne 
~rosacea, and other inflamed conditions. 
~ ideal for hyperpigmentation and advanced sun damage 
~ amazing pre-event glow facial or camera ready skin

Deep Cleanse 
Warm towel sebum -soak to prepare the skin 
Liquide magnet vaporising detox 
CRYO Pro-X Cold Pack 
LED healing light 
Transepidermal Nutrient infusion


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deep pore summer cleanse

If you suddenly have an unattractive breakout of blackheads on your nose or your complexion seems rough and uneven, you could be suffering from clogged pores. There are several factors including extra layers of SPF you may be applying during summer time.

leaving skin feeling smoother and looking more radiant and refined

~ Dead skin gentle exfoliation 
~ Deep micro-current cleanse and Sebum-soak application 
~ Extractions if needed 
~ Hydration & Vitamin Infusion


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lymphatic flow / body + skin

Give your immune system boost, flush out toxins, rest & relax and add a healthy glow to your complexion with this  head to toe treatment. 

Your therapist will open your session with a gentle and deeply relaxing techniques of lymphatic drainage massage to support the health of your immune system and deep detoxification. 

begins with foam brush cleanse and cool peel application to help repair cells and encourage cell exfoliation revealing fresh and youthful skin. 
DMK facial mask is applied across décolletage, neck and face, behind the ears to cover major areas of lymph nodes.

~ encourages blood circulation 
~ increase oxygenation and lymphatic drainage 
~ helping to flush away toxins 
~ stimulate collagen production. 

DMK enzyme therapy is treating ALL skin conditions including – acne, rosacea, dehydrated dry skin, ageing skin, uneven pigmentation, enlarged pores.

Leave glowing, refreshed and totally relaxed 



~ Infrared Sauna 
allow 30 minutes prior to your treatment 

~ LED light therapy 
allow extra 30 minutes post treatment to compliment the health of you skin and add total glow for the "wow" effect. 
$ 45


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sunny skin

Environ signature facial and it's award winning line features potent skin-revitalizing formulas designed to replace essential skin nutrients depleted by exposure to sun and environmental factors.


~ safe guard the skin cells with antioxidants that repel damaging free radicals 
~ help to increases collagen production 
~plump and fill in fine lines and wrinkles 
~even out tone 
~reduces redness and discoloration


1. Double Cleanse ritual 
2. Gentle Exfoliation 
3. Environ DF pulsed microcurrent infusion 
4. Hydrating Alginate mask

TIME : 45 minutes treatment - please allow 1 hour for your visit


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the brightening c+

Revitalize your skin on a cellular level with the power of freshly prepared Vitamin C + , Micro-Current infusion and LED light therapy. 

The C+ facial has anti-inflammatory properties and works to boost collagen production, as well as hydrate, brighten and even skin tone.

45 minute facial treatment 
please allow 60 minutes


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