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Most Natural Permanent Makeup

Experience the power of being permanently beautiful!

Natalia Beauty Cosmetic Tattoo offers the most advanced semi-permanent tattoo treatments for eyebrows, eyes and lips. We create the best cosmetic tattoo with the best designs exclusively for your skin and face shape.

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Hairstroke feathering 3D


Powder Eyebrows


Shading/Ombre Eyebrows


Men’s eyebrow tattoo


Lips Tattoo


Lip Blush


Candy Lips


Lip Liner


Full Lip


Eyeliner Tattoo


Stardust Eyeliner


Classic Eyleiner


Soft Eyeliner


Lash Enhancement


The leading Cosmetic Tattooist in Sydney, Australia.


Natalia is specialising in brows, lips and eyeliner cosmetic tattooing, Natalia attends advanced training multiple times a year globally to ensure she provides her clients the latest techniques, some of which travel from locations nationally and internationally for the luxury experience and expertise at Natalia Beauty Cosmetic Tattoo.

Natalia’s talent lies in creating light handed and meticulous natural looks. 


cosmetic tattoo




The specialised techniques used for the implantation of pigment into the dermal layer of the skin can recreate the look of beautiful eyebrows, full lips and defined eyes without the daily hassle of makeup. 


lip line

Plus $100 touch up – if required. Lip Tint Tattoo is a subtle approach to a fuller lip using naturally toned pigments to blend and shade within or outside the natural lip line.

lip blend

Plus $150 touch up – if required. Lip blend is gentle shading over the lip line to define pale or distorted lip

lip blush / candy lips

Lip blushing  is a cosmetic tattoo of the lips that enhances the beauty of the natural lip color, improving the shape of the lips, giving definition and the illusion of fullness.

full lip

Plus $200 touch up – if required. If you don’t like wearing lipstick all day then full lip colour can be very useful either procedure looks fantastic with a little gloss applied over the top.


eyebrows shading  
                        "powdered ombre"
Plus $150 touch up – if required Machine technique that creates a perfect naturally looking eyebrows with the best shape using the best matching colour from the wide range of the available pigments. No downtime.
eyebrows combined technique

Plus $150 touch up – if required. A combination of the Micro Stroke Feathering (Microblading) and Shading features that creates the best possible result for your eyebrows.


lower eyeliner cosmetic tattooing

Plus $100 touch up – if required. Technique that highlights your beautiful eyes.

upper eyeliner cosmetic tattooing

Plus $150 touch up – if required. Machine technique that highlights your beautiful eyes. Can be done in a classical way or stardust technique. 

upper and lower eyeliner 

Plus $200 touch up – if required. A combination of the Upper and Lower Eyeliners Cosmetic Tattooing.

upper between lashers eyeliner 

Plus $100 touch up – if required. Technique for those who want to get a less visible yet highlighting cosmetic tattooing. Enhances eyelashes.