We believe that every bride is beautiful.
We fall in love with the story behind her wedding day as much as her timeless beauty.
We look for most amazing wellness rituals, compositions and natural treatments and bring them to you.
We forever strive to be the best of ourselves to be able to serve you well and provide you with the most memorable bridal beauty preparation.
Hardly unsophisticated, a plunging neckl

Here Comes The BRIDE

SUITABLE FOR : carefully curated for all skin types and conditions. Perfect for a healthy skin in great condition,bringing the skin to the next level. 



10 days or 4 days before your wedding.

Cost: $220

Looks like a CREME , speeads like a crem

Last Minute REGIME


SUITABLE FOR : healthy skin, blackheads,bumpy spots, dry & flaky skin conditions,dull look and dehydration.


BEST TIME TO BOOK : 6 - 4 weeks before your wedding day

COST: $420   ( save $130)

Today we are drinking water from champag

12 Week Skin REGIME


SUITABLE FOR : healthy and problematic skin. All skin conditions.


BEST TIME TO BOOK : 12 weeks before your wedding day


COST: $1085 



$ 630    TAKE IT EASY 


From many years of experience, we have learned that some brides love to book in a facial first and other brides prefer to meet us for a consultation before they decide on the next step. Our goal is to provide you with the best service possible,  therefore we are ready to listen your wishes and understand everyone's unique preferences...


Option 1


Understanding your story, motivation, goals. Establishing a Great Plan that is designed just for you.  Following through with heartful support. Exploring new. With Honesty & Trust, CONSULTATION is the most important step needed to achieve great results.  During this session, we have an opportinity “ to do it all” chat, drink a cup of herbal tea, relax under LED light , plan and enjoy tailored skin treatment

2 hour Appointment

Cost:     $225


1. Skin Analysis + Observe Imaging

2. Treatment Plan + Home care regime

3. Tailored Facial Treatment

4. DF Vitamin Infusion

5. LED Healing Light

6. Sample Skin Care Pack


Option 2


Less talking, more doing. This option is for those who wish to experience our service first, before deciding if we ar the right team going forward. This treatemtn will include very brief consultation and an opportunity for a therapist to introduce our work “ hands on”. Your experience , the way your skin will fell will be the best judge and we will take it from there.

90 Minutes  Appointment

Cost:     $195


1. Brief consultation

2..Before / After images

3  Take home sample of skin care

4. Skin Treatment

5.LED Healing light

6.Follow up


Comming Soon

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